Neuroevolutionary Solver Version 1.01 Available – Bug Fix.

So sometimes when you are working on some code, you like to write a little bit of debugging code and build it into your system so you can confirm that a component is working as it should.

I had built such a piece of code to be certain that the artificial neural networks we use as phenotypes are consistent between generations. The code confirmed that structurally they were consistent and that their output is consistent after one step of evaluation. The first evaluation of the reformed network has not propagated through the network completely and consequently the very first set of outputs of your neural network are not as precise as they were in the previous generation. The second evaluation puts the neural network back to its original normal state. In a future iteration of the system I plan to initialize the networks once before they are placed in an evaluation environment eliminating this slight variation.

Having said all that, the code that verified these phenomes itself had an error. An errant semi-colon was placed at the end of an if-statement which forced the debug code to run for all NEAT experiments instead of just NEATforXOR experiments.

The bug has been fixed and all the downloads on the Neuroevolutionary Solver page have been updated with correct versions of the code.

Bugs are fun!!!

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