The inevitable forward march of the machines.

Many scientists agree, general AI is coming. Self aware machines capable of understanding both the world around them and themselves. Will we be overtaken by these machines?

“When we started thinking for you, it really became our civilization.” Agent Smith – The Matrix.

Both robotic scientists and Battlestar Galactica members agree that the AI is coming. While this article serves as some hype for the new Battlestar Galactica TV movie “The Plan” it also discusses some very interesting contemporary AI research along with cybernetics. While we may be overtaken by the machines we may also be able to keep up with them if we follow them in our natural evolution. Replace your brain with cyber enhanced nano-neruons? It won’t be impossible forever.

People are already experimenting with cybernetics, at a simple level but everything has to start somewhere.

Then there is the idea of self aware machines. What does self aware really mean? I won’t go into that topic too deeply the wikipedia article for self awareness is a good start. The robots shown in the following video are becoming self aware, however only in the crudest sense. If we consider all the pieces coming together though, self awareness of body as well as self assembly of knowledge like in my post Game Changer we start to see that the technology is moving towards a general AI from many directions.

Ignoring the Battlestar Galactica hype in the article, it did bring up some interesting points, and gave us a glimpse of how mainstream this technology is becoming. Did I mention… I welcome our new robot overlords?

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