Is this thing on?

Well, it has been about a year since I posted on Automatons Adrift. There have been some significant changes in my life. I completed my masters degree with a clear pass. A very rare feat I am told, typically there are at least minor revisions. I left my job at UNBC and moved to the University of Alberta to be the System Administrator for the Faculty of Science. This of course means I moved to the wonderful city of Edmonton.

The most surprising thing is, all these changes happend in the last couple of months. Now that my research for my thesis is complete I have a lot less time pressure and I can devote more energy to Automatons Adrift. I have updated the website along with the hosting service for it. I have added some new content including pages on the SDNEAT and NEAT algorithms which were at the center of my research. I have also started a page for the Neuroevolutionary Solver. This page will outline how to use the system and modify it to perform further experiments.

There is a lot of material to be posted as we move forward. I hope you enjoy the new Automatons Adrift!