Electronic memes for 2011-06-24

Hoping for the same forward thinking this morning that we saw in yesterday's keynote. #tcon11 #ualberta #yegit # Keynote by Michael Argast from Telus. He is new, I hope Telus hasn't eaten his soul yet. :) #tcon11 #ualberta # Today's talk is highlighting why I felt the RIM talk yesterday felt dated. BB features aren't [...]

Electronic memes for 2011-06-23

Good breakfast at Technocon but dissappointed in swag bag inconsistency. #tcon11 #yegit # Robin Winsor good opening keynote at #tcon11 a bit of a taste of TED talks of the past. # Technocon talk by Robin Winsor gets better and better I wonder what he thinks of a massive joint open data initiative with #ualberta [...]

Electronic memes for 2011-06-14

Legislation for services like Netflix http://t.co/XZGo3Qn instead maybe it's time to end the dinosaur called the CRTC. #tv #canada #netflix #

Electronic memes for 2011-06-12

First Graphene Integrated Circuit – http://t.co/Ee8GeVc Now we can start thinking about the end of Moore's law. For ICs that is… #future #

Electronic memes for 2011-06-07

Forrester: IT depts face decade of fundamental change – http://t.co/NVv5l1h IT depts enabling change? How can that be!? #yegit #ualbertait #

Electronic memes for 2011-06-05

Eyez 720p video-recording glasses (video) — Engadget – http://t.co/oNNcP7f Now give me HUD lenses and wifi to phone Augmented reality! #AR # Insert Coin: Eyez 720p video-recording glasses (video) — Engadgethttp://t.co/oNNcP7fWe first heard about the Eyez video recording glasses concept back in March, when those familiar black frames packed a 1080p camera, 16GB of flash [...]

Electronic memes for 2011-06-04

Phase change memory-based ‘moneta’ system points to the future of computer storage http://t.co/lujyg8y very nice, it will only get better! # Phase change memory-based ‘moneta’ system points to the future of computer storagehttp://www.physorg.com/news/2011-06-phase-memory-based-moneta-future-storage.htmlThis is a view of the internals of the Moneta storage array with phase change memory modules installed. Credit: UC San Diego / [...]

Electronic memes for 2011-06-02

Google’s Schmidt: Wired.com – http://t.co/tqxeOre “Cloud is the death of IT as we know it” So we must ask ourselves, what will it become. # Google’s Schmidt: ‘I Screwed Up’ on Social Networking | Epicenter | Wired.comhttp://t.co/tqxeOreGoogle chairman Eric Schmidt took responsibility for the search titan’s failure to counter Facebook’s explosive growth, saying he saw the [...]