Desktop Super Computers and Singularity Friday

What is the Singularity? Ever hear of Moore’s Law? If you are reading this blog you probably have. Moore’s Law is an informal law about technological advancement. In a nutshell it states, that every 18 months or so, the power of computers doubles. Computer power has been following this trend for 40 years and it [...]

The Neuroevolutionary Solver documentation updated.

The Neuroevolutionary Solver “How to install and run” section is pretty much complete. These instructions should make it easy to get a NS environment up and running so you can perform your own experiments. More updates to come in the future, making the NS one of the easiest systems to use for Evolution of Artificial [...]

Neuroevolutionary Solver Version 1.01 Available – Bug Fix.

So sometimes when you are working on some code, you like to write a little bit of debugging code and build it into your system so you can confirm that a component is working as it should. I had built such a piece of code to be certain that the artificial neural networks we use [...]

I used to grow crystals as a child

When I was quite young my mother gave me a grow your own crystal kit. It came with a bag of Alum and instructions. I first had to grow seed crystals in a super saturated solution of Alum and water. Then I placed the best seed crystal at the bottom of a jar and covered [...]

More useful junk

In a paper published today in PLoS Genetics the research supporting the value of so-called junk DNA gained more ground. As is stated in the article biologists have known about junk DNA for many years but it was felt that it was mostly extraneous data in the genetic code. If you have read the research [...]

Autonomous Helicopters

These automatons are certainly not adrift but they are definitely airborne and capable! Computer Scientists at Stanford have developed an autonomous helicopter that can learn from a human expert pilot to perform complex manoeuvres better than the original human expert! The learning system does not just copy the controls for performing the manoeuvres it watches [...]

Evolution of the Neuroevolutionary Solver documentation

There was some major updating of the Neuroevolutionary Solver page on the weekend. Now there are sections to help you download the software, install the required Java JDK and Java 3D packages and instructions on how to get the NS working on your home system. Working with the NS is much easier through the Eclipse [...]

The Learning Algorithm of the Brain

A group of researchers at NYU have been given funding to “discover the learning algorithm of the brain“. This will be some exciting work, many scientists believe the easiest method to general artifical intelligence is through duplicating the human brain, that the sum of the parts is the soul so to speak. These researchers will [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Turing

Well yesterday was Thanksgiving, my wife and I went to our friends house and cooked a turkey. Quite the proceedure, I researched several sources including YouTube and my mother, to figure out the best way to get the job done. The turkey was fabulous. The human beings ability to take in information from several sources, [...]

Turing test next weekend.

Next sunday there will be a fun little challenge happing at the University of Reading. Several computer programs will be competing to pass the ‘Turing test’. To explain it simply, the Turing test, is an experiment to test a computers intelligence by having it attempt to fool a human into believeing it is human as [...]