Electronic memes for 2010-08-24

IT in your late 30′s? Start embracing change because everyone else is doing it faster than you! http://bit.ly/bT7boQ # 20:20 Vision – Computerworldhttp://bit.ly/bT7boQComputerworld – Information technology has always been a fast-changing field. But nothing compares to the expected sea changes in the next decade that will impact the career…

Electronic memes for 2010-08-19

New interactive surface prototypes. This time, bring the interactivity to the normal surface http://bit.ly/c5FATn with a handy lamp! # Another augmented reality, pico-projecting lamp threatens desktops, brings tablet reinforcements (video) — Engadgethttp://bit.ly/c5FATnHow long have dumblamps been ruling our desktops for? Their reign of evenly scattered light might finally be coming to a close. A few [...]