The Neuroevolutionary Solver documentation updated.

The Neuroevolutionary Solver “How to install and run” section is pretty much complete. These instructions should make it easy to get a NS environment up and running so you can perform your own experiments. More updates to come in the future, making the NS one of the easiest systems to use for Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks.

Evolution of the Neuroevolutionary Solver documentation

There was some major updating of the Neuroevolutionary Solver page on the weekend. Now there are sections to help you download the software, install the required Java JDK and Java 3D packages and instructions on how to get the NS working on your home system. Working with the NS is much easier through the Eclipse IDE and detailed instructions are available for that method. Command line instructions for Windows and Linux are also available. Click through to the NS page here or click the Neuroevolutionary Solver tab at the top of this page.

Keep watching for more updates over the next few days.