Electronic memes for 2009-09-29

RT @newscientist Compression of optical data by decreasing the time between pulses, the "time telescope". Cool. http://tinyurl.com/yaufj8d # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Electronic memes for 2009-09-14

Space on $150. Now that is impressive, makes me want to give it a try! http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-328198 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Electronic memes for 2009-09-13

Robotic entertainment. A lot of things do enter the home first as entertainment, and finally as utility. http://tinyurl.com/mkbu7t # Piece by piece building a replacement for doctors. Will we ever let human health care be done by a non-human? http://tinyurl.com/loyfpy # Direct link to the article on Brother's RID. Very neat first generation of this [...]

Electronic memes for 2009-09-11

Optical Quantum RAM. Can I get eight exabytes of that please with my 1M core functional quantum processor? http://tinyurl.com/lryjzy # An air based microprocessor. Interesting take, miniaturized it could function in unique environments like neurons? http://tinyurl.com/lesr49 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Electronic memes for 2009-09-09

Great day for robotics posts. There is a lot going on in this field. Will robotics, general AI and nanotech converge? Perhaps soon… # Robotic surgeons and micro robots that can work inside your body. http://bit.ly/1OwMwe # A broader article covering supply chain robotics, excellent read. http://tinyurl.com/lx7mun # Factory robots that manage your inventory. http://bit.ly/aE6U1 [...]

Electronic memes for 2009-09-05

Getting there! Quantum computing is being miniaturized. http://tinyurl.com/kp958o Granted it still needs a table of detector equipment. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Electronic memes for 2009-09-04

The singularity is definitely becoming more mainstream. http://tinyurl.com/mezpzq the super AI's might deem us to be a waste of resources. # The US government spends money on this http://tinyurl.com/nsqjut, but they continue to cut back from space and health funding. Good job USA. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Electronic memes for 2009-09-02

Swarmbots, the ability of these to form sensor networks will be a powerful tool. This is a good start http://tinyurl.com/notft3 # Power transfer from space, excellent. What are the consequences of accidentally walking under the transfer beam? http://tinyurl.com/ncckyn # I think I said this technology was going to be big. Well turns out it is [...]